Typing skills

So its 10/17/23 right now, back in the same spot as before i wanted to talk about typing and why learning how to type and type fast can really make a big deal. Its 2023 and technology is in everything nowadays you cant escape it. So id bet you that whatever profession you go in you're gonna have to type, whether that be an e-mail or an essay/paper on something and learning how to type fast can make a serious difference. I googled the adult average typing speed and its like 40 words per minunte. in my opinion 40 is nothing, i normally get 60WPM on a site called monkeytype and if im focusing i get 70 my personal best is 77 which i am very proud of and I know some people can naturally type 100WPM and thats amazing for them but if you still type with your pointer fingers you have to step up your game because you can get alot more out with typing rather than handwriting. I learned how to type myself so I do a mix, i mostly use my pointer fingers but i still use my other ones aswell. I do highly suggest hopping on monkeytype and practicing every day. i might write tomorrow but thats it for now

Thanks for reading
-Magma BoneĀ