Here will be a list of my blogs with a button to the page next to it

Blog: 5/5/23 (School and my first blog)

Blog: 5/9/23 (Chatting about my life more

Blog: 8/6/23 (whats been happening with my life)

Blog: 9/6/23 (Minecraft Content creator smps)

Blog: 10/6/23 (Drama in school and minecraft create mod)

Blog: 10/17/23 (typing skills)

Blog: 10/23/23 (talking about monoplies and google)

Blog: 11/6/23 (another monthy general life upadte)

Blog: 11/27/23 (hating on thanksgiving)

Blog: 12/6/23 (general life update #6)

For some more info, I tend to make monthly blogs (and maybe more) about my life to document and work on my typing skills, dont mind the spelling or grammar mistakes because i dont really care to make them look nice, its just to vent/document.