Hating on thanksgiving

I promised to do this on 11/21/23 and i wasnt in school and forgot about it to be honest so ill talk about some other things in my monthly blog. Its the month of november and so in school i have to start dealing with the graditude assignments which are the most annoying thing known to mankind. Last year and probally some other years prior i just dident do them becuase #1 dident know what to write and #2 found it stupid. The normal answers to what you're greatful for can include, friends, food, water, a house, and alot more crazy ass ones. For most thing especially friends you shouldent be greatful for. If you dont have friends, go find people, there are 8 billion people in this world and you can find someone that will be your friend. Another stupid one i seen was a job, like you got that job, you had a good enough resume, you went and applied, unless your friend just came up to you and was like hey wanna work for me for a good pay? you shoudent be greatful. You shouldent be greatful for things you accomplised/did yourself in my opinion. And some kind of reasonable answers could be like living in a non 3rd world country, maybe family, and some others i cant think of. The reason i said kind of reasonable is because you can adapt and deal with your circumstances and make it better. I get that you shouldent take everything as granted but some things like fresh air and if you're a kid food, a house and water should be taken as such becuase everywhere in the world has mostly good air, and if you're a minor (at least in the us) you have to be provided a house, food and water from what ive leared.