Somethings about my person life, and maybe ranting

So firstly, I want to talk about why I made this site. I made it because I tried to do an site (IDK the fucking link, that might be it), and I did ALOT set up all those words, and it deleted itself, and I was so mad, and I ended up dropping it and going back to what I was doing A few weeks later I was trying to extend my discord about me section and I ran into a character limit, and I decided to research how to actually make a site, and then I stumbled upon google domains and bought, and from there I was able to find somewhere to actually make the site, I tried using Squarespace but I didn't want to pay for anything, so I ended up choosing google sites. After about a day, I had the site I do now, minus the blog section. Speaking of the blog section, I made that a few days ago and am very happy with it! I have a lot of plans for this, the whole website, to be honest. I love writing (when I get to choose), and there's no pressure to do one of these, which is cool. I'd say the biggest thing, by far, is that I'm typing this and not handwriting it because if I hand-wrote it, you wouldn't be able to read any of it. Well, I think this wraps up this section about this site, and ill move on to more about my home life and what I do there. I do a few clubs, mainly robotics, though. The Robotics Club is super fun! we actually placed our robot in 2 two day-long events. But actually, at home, I just play games like 7 Days to Die, overwatch, and Minecraft (as of right now). I've been wanting to get good in Overwatch. I only really play Symmetra and Mercy. I actually played for like ~8 hours when I got home from school yesterday and might do the same thing (if I don't hang out with an IRL friend) Im writing this at lunch and my 6th hour and will probably cut it short because of work I have to do so I'm gonna stop typing and publish this. However, I will probably make one tomorrow or the next day.