Drama in school and mnecraft create mod)

So at the time of writing this (10/5/23) I'm at lunch and my day is going pretty mid, in my first hour (english) I sit with 3 other people and i dont normally talk to anyone, i suck talking to people in person and all the kids at my school i have no intrest in being friends with. however On other notes theres this kid who we can call S and same thing we used to be friends back in kintergarden and stuff but then he moved, We met again last year (9th grade) and we talked a bit but it died out becasuse i completely changed as a person. Starting this year we pass about 3 times in the hall and he, for lack of a better work, harasses me he says "Hey, its magmabone" which i find annoying becuase he never continues to talk to me its just meant as an annoying remark and to spark some laughter out of his friends. after a few times of doing that i realised he was only saying it to get attention because he would never say anthing when he was alone or with 1 other person. It finally esclated today when he sent one of his friends (a freshmen) over to 'get my signature' on a peice of what looks like cardboard. I ingored him because i could see S recording me for snapchat or something, the freshmen gives up and goes back to the table and i move out to the bench outside my old history teachers room, where i think ive written all my other blogs expect the one last month. It really comforting (its now 10/6/23) to me becuase i love routine and just being in the same spot at is really relaxing to me. I just hope that the school staff dont yell at me for being out here. Anyways lets shift gears to the games ive been playing, i have been playing a minecraft server with the create mod. if you dont know what the create mod is, it is a mod that adds alot of automation but not with eletricity, with rotational force like cogs, waterwheels, steam engines and more. you can automate almost anything using the create mod and its many addons and its really fun for me to design machines myself. it lets me use/train my brain. Ive spent hours on end just trying to make stuff work and its really fun. I'd be at school and come home and play all day untill i go to bed. it makes me happy, right now, im genuinely happy with my life, im understanding school, have work relationships with other people and play games i enjoy alot, the only thing i am missing out on is a significant other which is kinda a big deal to me but im fine with bottling up most of my feelings and letting some out here 1 or 2 times a month. I also am working on a job if i dident say that in my last blog, my mom is helping me search for one where i wont really have to talk to people becuase i freeze up and stuff in scoal suituations online. if the seaching fails i can still get a job at my moms work in december. But i think thats all for now.

Thanks for reading
-Magma BoneĀ