My businesses, school and more personal stuff

Woo! Another monthly blog and im back in my spot outside my spanish teachers room, in this one i think i want to mainly touch on my online businesses within the smp commuinty. So you can look at the background page and see what is there but i im trying to make some servers of my own that can profit off of the smp commuinty as a whole. Like smp duels, smp finder. I dont own those but they are good examples, I'm trying to start up a server called voxify which is a shop server where you can order a wide range of minecraft related things and echelon events a event server where smp owners can rent out maps, server, plugins and host their events through our discord. Currently we have a script for the promo video and 2 new devs working on the first event plugin and addon. I'm really gonna put my time and effort into these 2 servers and try to grow them. I forgot to mention my Owners guild server where we have a VERY wide range of smp owners i can colab with i think we are like 20~ strong rn which is suprising becuase all the owners own 100+ servers. Anyways lets move onto more school related things im passing 90% of my classes (at the time of writing i have an F in honors chem becuase new making period and i missed and assignment) But i like all but 1 of my teachers and its been really relaxed, and i always love seeing my math teacher. There was also some drama with my site but thats clearing up and we can go back to business and usual. Moving on, I've been playing the hell out of scape and run parasites and some other mods with 4-5 friends from one of my smps, ive been awake for like 24 hours as of writing altough i may have took a nap in econ class ;-;. I was up all night playing the pack and having fun. I am also probally gonna get back into the create mod, i really enjoy it and was watching videos by mr.beardstone about them but im probally gonna wait for some new addons and stuff before i play again or for my create server i manage to restart. (its 11/7/23 now) So today they pulled all the 10th graders out of class and wanted us to buy class rings for seinor year. Personally i dont understand and resent the idea of it, like why tf would i want a ring to like show pride in my school or that i graduated? Passing highschool is normal. The guy there was talking about the military acadmenys originally doing it which is respectable becuase its probally hard to pass then when normal high school isnt. The only way i would get a ring is if im valedictorian which is unlikely because theres some other kid thats a massive nerd (no disrespect). Any they're probally expensive. Anyways, in summary I have big plans for my business(es), still making and keeping friends and happy as it stands right now and that matters alot.

Anyways, Thanks for reading
-Magma BoneĀ