What I've been up to.

Just a quick update on my life. This summer has been fucking amazing for me so far. I've met so many cool and successful people that accepted me and let me work with them. I now co-own 2 Discord servers with 150+ members and might start making money off of making Discord servers here soon. I met some people like Cakob, who is an extraordinary person, who knows and showed me how to make a successful Youtube channel and grow a community. Sometime later some friends invited me to a private Minecraft SMP and I found a bunch of SMPs I'm working to be a well-known member in most of them, at the time of writing this I co-own 2 SMP-focused discord servers and I'm admin on 2 other ones. I've learned to hone my skills in discord server creation and learning a bunch of new and innovative bots to set up and make the servers a better place. I got the inspiration to make this blog from a dream I had where I had something similar to this on my Discord status, showing how thankful I was for all the opportunities I was given in this short time. Oh! I almost forgot to mention. I'm partnered with Strawber Hosting now, which is just amazing. I'd never think I'd make it here if you told me when I was just ending school a few short months ago. However, that's enough with the, at least for me, emotional bit. I still have about a month and a half before school starts and I am gonna keep reaching for the stars!

Thanks for reading