General Life update

So, its been a bit, im typing this on a google doc and im gonna move it to my site when im home because the schools wifi has a blocker on it and it just started blocking google sites about a week ago which is the worst thing to happen to me because writing is such a relaxing spot and 70% of it is being in the same quiet place but now im typing in my honors chem class after we just got done with a pretty damn hard test, i think i got a b on it. I could have gotten an A if she had make some of her stuff better. Also by her and she i mean my chem teacher. Anyways, for example one thing that screwed me up for the test is we had a webquest a d it have some definitions and said “look at any diagram to answer the following questions” which is absurd because you can find different diagrams with varying levels of information and one of the questions on the test/quiz was which element has the most <whatever> and it was not a question on the webquest or i had never seen it on the site i went to so i was completely out of luck, but in realty its whatever. We take our midterms less that 2 weeks from now and i banking on that to save my grades because i have an F in 2 of my classes, not because i dont pay attention/know the material. Its because of how much and the type of the work so i plan to study a bit for those tests. Some of my teachers are really great like my math and econ teacher, they are funny and just motivate me to work hard especially my math teacher tho, i actually bought him rules a month or 2 ago because kids were breaking them and there was a shortage, I’m happy i did so its the first time i gifted a teacher something since like elementary school. Some of my teachers like entrepreneurship are just not great, she is just kinda rude to me at least, swears in school, a hypocrite and talks about god and her religion which is just uncalled for. 65% of her lessons are good but she just needs to improve badly and she probably knows that. I actually reported her to the principal which i may have talked about which is funny but needed.   One thing ive been playing alot of recently is a minecraft server called hoplite, its like fortnite but in minecraft the few differences being that you can choose between 3 classes, have perks and craft legendary weapons. Hoplite is now is season 2 now and it just added around 4 new legendaries one ive been going for is called “Gerald the sniffer” he sniifs up a random legendary weapon and he can be really op, his recipe requires  4 mossy cobblestone, 4 diamonds and a music disc which isnt hard but isnt easy, i went to a singleplayer to find the right y level to mine at and now i get a sniffer almost every day. Anyways hoplite in my opinion is one of the best games to play right now and the best minecraft server. So besides hoplite ive been trying to redesign my room to be as efficient as possible. I have all the plans for the most part, just need to get a job to pay for it all or i could spend christmas money which i will probably do. I plan on getting a new GPU for christmas because the one i have is 12 years old lol. And also probably buying VIP rank on hoplite because i want to support them. Its 12/8/23 writing this and i know i dident post this on the 6th but within a week is fine for be given that the school blocked google sites so i have to blog at home and i always forget to. All in all ive been genuinely happy for the most part, making friends, playing games, doing some business stuff on the side (blog on that in like 1-2 weeks when i get stuff setup). I hope this trend continues and i hope i pass my midterms because ill be in the deep crap if i dont, especially for entrepreneurship.