Google & Monoplies

So a few days ago in economy class we started talking about monoplies and the tech giants. They brought up google as an example and in an artice i read they talked about how Google was gonna be sued by the us gov for having a monoply on search engines but they argued that "people just prefered google" and personally i agree with that, stuff like bing and opera are good but not on the same level as what google owns, they have google classroom, docs, sheets, slides, sites(where this webiste is hosted) and alot more they all work together like apple products and it just makes like alot easier for everyone. also its free, like microsoft word and all their stuff to my knowledge is paid which is probally why they're alot smaller than they used to be. I have considered using opera gx for my browser at home but i just cannot make the change. Google has so many different products and i truely hope they expand out and take over apple and have a nice, affordable interconnected system. I know google has phones, laptops, all the softwear and more and also the google home. I hope they fix the level of qualty and attention between each product though becuase trying to use google drawing and stuff that is barely is supported anymore is hard. I suggest that you get on board with google so you can already know the stuff and can work more efficently. ill also link the list of all google products later. Thats about it

Thanks for reading
-Magma Bone