Minecraft Content creator smps

Its been exactly a month since I wrote here! It was completely on accident, I just got out of the shower and was thinking in there about my SMPs. So you should probably know, I've been making and working on Minecraft SMPs, at the time of writing I have around 1,300~ combined members in the servers I own. Which is amazing considering how long I've been doing this stuff for (2 months-ish). So, how did I get to this point where I own 4+ servers? With my knowledge of how to make Discords, I reached out to a lot of SMP owners with around 100-200 members in their servers and talked to them, trying to really friendly and such. Eventually, I would talk about their server and give them my resume and tell them I could be a valuable asset to their server. Just like that I got admin/owner and set up their server. But what have I learned in just 2 months of doing this? I learned how to grow the discord server to big numbers. I'll explain what you'll need to do to grow it. #1 Make a promo video, it is one of your biggest assets, get some friends with a lot of subs to post them and spread the word. #2 Do some partnerships, it is the 2nd best way of growing your server and if you have a good premise and name people will join! #3 Do member events, do events with the members in the private server so they can all get to know eachother and will mix well in their videos. #4 Make people do a #<your smp> hashtag and have them link the server invite in the description, this makes sure that if they are a big content creator or the algorith just reccomends their video your smp will also grow. 5# dont let aggressive/pvp orientated people in your smp. All those types of people will do is kill people and not provide any storytelling. So thats 5 tips on how to grow your very own smp and if you want a discord server, text me on discord!

Thanks for reading,