Alot more things about my life!

Hi! Thanks for checking this out. So I'm currently a 9th grader, and I'd say I'm one of the less social kids. I have all classes with my friend, and we do some work together, and I also copy his Spanish and history work. At my school, we have 7 hours. My classes are the First hour, Academic Center(like study hour thing), Second hour, Math (Algebra 1), Third hour, English, Fourth hour, Biology, Fith hour, Health, and then I have lunch. After lunch, I have US history and then Spanish to finish the day. We get out of school at 2:15. I go to a small school, but I like it, well, mostly. One of the things I don't like at my school is my health teacher. My health teacher is the worst teacher I've had my whole time at school. She is lackluster, to say the least, we often get 2+ page homework assignments, and it's crazy! I have six other classes, and like 2 of those gives out homework every other day. We also don't make notes, I mean, she had PowerPoint she teaches with, but we don't write anything down or not required to, iI should say. Her study guides are also horrible; they are just a half sheet of paper of what we need to study, and it's like a bunch of stuff!! It doesn't look like it when you first get the study guide, though, because he lists all the book chapters, which is way too much to read most of the time. Although I think I did get an excellent score on my last test, on the male and female reproductive system and pregnancy. But the first question on the quiz was something that we had never studied, or she even said it was something about the testicles being the coldest organ in the reproductive system and something about that being necessary for sperm production. It was just stupid. But all my other teachers are great; my favorite teacher is my biology teacher; she is a sweet old lady. One of her best qualities is that she goes over stuff a lot, repeating and such. It's amazing that she does that because if you are zoning out or something, it's fantastic to not be completely lost. Another cool thing she did it when I was absent for a few days and missed a quiz, she completely exempted it from my grade, and I'm not gonna lie; I was thanking her so much when she did that because I was kinda stressed about other classes and didn't want to study for that test so it really made a big help.