Welcome to my Gregtech New Horizons Playthrough!

About the playthough

This was started on 3/31/24 and almost all streamed on twich.tv/magmabone I wanted to playthrough the mod but also wanted to document my jounrny given how long i've heard it taken. Gregtech New Horizons is a very hard and complex tech and questing modpack. The grind is very slow and getting from one age to another can take weeks. 

Pre-Stone age 3/31/24-3/31/24

This was quickly ran through and wasent streamed/saved on twitch. However i can say what happened. I spawned in a 90% humidity biome and ran my way to a river where i decied to base. I started a small farm and made my house in a cave. 

Stone age 4/1/24-4/2/24

This was partially streamed on twitch. I expanded my cave base a lot, got 2 coke ovens, went for berry medlies for food, grew alot of cotton and sugar cave and finally planted oak trees above my cave. This age was also ran fast trough but in later ages i will go back and finish all the quests. 

Steam age age 4/2/24-x/x/xx